Company Profile and Business

Yewco Marketing Pte Ltd (Singapore) was established in the year 2003. Mr. Thomas YEW who has been in the insulation, waterproofing and packaging business since 1980 founded it.

Yewco is now one of the largest insulation and packaging materials supplier in Singapore. Their products ranging from their Winluck extruded polystyrene, EPS Geofoam, Laminated and Homogenous foam to Advertising PS board are now widely accepted by the market. Their materials are commonly used in insulation to building and cold room, roads and landscaping, flotation and formwork, packaging and advertising.

Yewco is also the exclusive agent for Wolfin Bautechnik GmbH waterproofing such as Wolfin IB and Cosmofin PVC membrane system. Wolfin IB has proven in Singapore since 1980 and has excellent project references that many of them have already exceeded their warranty period.

Yewco has also added new product to serve the building industries. DAMTEC acoustic insulation which is made from recycled rubber has an excellent impact noise reduction to flooring. DAMTEC can be installed in both new and existing flooring. It can be laid directly under floor covering or under screed. EUROflex shock absorbent and sports flooring systems are also available.

Specialist Supplier in Singapore for:

• Insulation: Winluck Extruded Polystyrene Board

• Waterproofing: Wolfin IB & Cosmofin

• Construction PE Foam: Backer Rod & Slab

• Construction PS Foam: EPS Polystyrene Foam

• Acoustic & Impact Protection: Damtec & Euroflex

• GeoFoam: Building & Road Construction

• Packaging PE Foam: HPE & LPE Plank

• Advertising Board: Compressed & Kapaline Board

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