Excellent choice of material for construction of roads and highways

Yewco Geofoam is a light weight material made from non recycled expanded polystyrene specially produced in accordance to specific requirements for the geotechnical and construction engineering. It can be easily installed as soil substitution and also as structural components to replace unnecessary loading.

Yewco Geofoam is also an excellent choice of material for construction of road and highways. Yewco Geofoam is commonly produced with a density from 15 to 30kg/m3 and complied to standard requirements set by major raw material producers worldwide. The standard size available is 1220 x 2440 x 610mm per block and can be easily cut into other sizes. The light weight and the convenient size of Yewco Geofoam makes installation and handling much easier than you can imagine.

Common applications are:
- Foundation Insulation
- Lightweight to roof & floor slabs construction
- Landscape for parks Construction of roads and highways
- Embankment construction on soft ground
- Reduce settlements & improve slope stability
- Voidformer to building and construction
- Floatation for marina construction.

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