EUROflex® Impact protection Slabs

For Outstanding Safety and Performance Maximum safety and long service life are yours with the highly effective, uniform cushioning protection provided by the EUROflex® family of impact protection surfaces (impact Protection slabs, style slabs, EPDM impact Protection slabs, letter and Number slabs and Design slabs).

All slabs incorporate a dimpled lower surface providing superb drainage. they can be installed over any structurally sound, permeable pavement as well as on aggregate courses (except for sand). integrated connector pins supplied in the slabs lock them toge- ther, avoiding displacement or unauthorized removal.

Installation is fast and highly economical in a masonry-style configuration without need for glueing. the slabs can be easily cut to accommodate contours or supporting feet of playing equipment. in addition, with EUROflex® EPDM slabs you have full freedom in colour selection. rain as well is not a problem for EUROflex® surfacing. Due to its high water permeability it can be played on immediately even after heavy rainfalls. the wide range of accessories offered ensures highest safety even on peripheral zones, edges and corners of playing surfaces. With their superb durability and low maintenance costs,

EUROflex® impact protection slabs are a cost-effective solution for any application.

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